Weather Policy For It's Time 2 Bounce

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We are excited to be part of your special day. While we understand that your rental items are an essential part of your event, we must, for all concerned, always err on the side of safety and ask that you please take a moment to review our weather policy.

In addition, we encourage all customers to always have a backup plan in case we must cancel due to weather.

Important Weather Policy

Once a decision to cancel the rental is made, this decision is FINAL! Please do not blow up our phones with calls and texts. We will not change our minds.

We at It’s Time 2 Bounce constantly monitor weather conditions, and when concerned with upcoming weather reports will begin communicating, our concerns, with customers 2-3 days prior to your scheduled event. Communication can come via telephone, text, and emails.

This weather policy shall only apply to outdoor rentals. Indoor Rentals are not effected by this policy, unless the weather called for is snow or ice.

Our period of concern for weather shall be from delivery/setup time of your event items until pickup time of the rented items. Once a determination to cancel has been made the decision is final, as we have sent our Staff home for the day, regardless if the weather event has occurred. 

1) In the event of cancellation due to weather, we refund all monies paid in full. If you wish to reschedule for another date, we will move your reservation to the new requested date, provided the item(s) are available for rent on the new date.

2) The posting of any wind, thunderstorm, or severe weather watch or warning shall result in an automatic cancellation of your event. A full refund shall be given provided the rental items have not been delivered. Once delivered full payment is required.

3) Winds in excess of 15 MPH can subject your rental items to being canceled. 

4) We will not setup in active rain or thunder. The area must be clear of rain and thunder for 30 minutes prior to setting up. We review radar, and weather reports from multiple agencies to come up with the best weather report possible to determine the ability to place your rental items. The weather, based upon these reports, MUST remain in a safe territory for the ENTIRE duration of your rental, if not, your event rental is subject to cancellation.

5) Events that must be canceled or shortened, due to weather, after setup are not eligible for a discount or refund for lack of ability to use the equipment.

We at It’s Time 2 Bounce strive to provide the best in equipment and service to you are customer, and hope that this weather policy will allow you to become weather aware and safe during your event. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 615-266-4133, or via email at itstime2bounce@gmail.com .



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