Dunk Tank Rentals Nashville

Dunk Tank

Unit Size: 15′ x 15′ x 15′

Setup Area: 19′ x 19′ x 19′

Outlets: 1 Outlet Required

Dunk Tank Rental Features:

  • Built-in ladder for safety and stability
  • Softballs provided for throwing
  • Clear viewing window for guests
  • Backstop to block throws
  • Easy lift seat for quick resets
  • Inside ladder to climb back on the seat

Our Dunk Tank Rental offers partygoers a fun experience both in and around the dunk tank. Guests can take their turn throwing the balls to knock their friend into the water. For some extra fun, add some cold ice to the water for a freezing surprise! Unlike big, bulky trailer-mounted dunk tanks, our dunk tanks are collapsible and can fit through a lot of tight spaces that a traditional dunk booth can not. A dunking booth rental is a wonderful addition to any school field day, church event, or company picnic. Renting a dunk tank is also great for fundraisers. Every time we set one of these up, there is always a long line of kids and adults just waiting to dunk their teacher, principal, or boss. As a timeless classic, our dunk booth rentals are sure to be a huge hit. If you love something wet at your events, but would like something different, check out our 15′ Dual Lane Retro Slide, Foam Machine Rental, or our Tropical Combo!

Dunk Tank Rentals from It's Time 2 Bounce

It’s Time 2 Bounce knows that sometimes you want a fun way to cool off in the summer heat. That’s why we have an amazing dunk tank rental for you! There’s nothing better than climbing into our dunk tank, screaming at your friends, and waiting for them to hit the target and drop you into the water. No event is complete without this classic!  Dunk your friends, dunk the principal, dunk mom or dad, heck, DUNK THE BOSS!  Hours of fun and great for school field days, church events, company picnics, and fundraisers.  A dunk tank is a MUST HAVE at your next event.