Bungee Run Rental in Nashville, TN

Bungee Run

Unit Size: 27′ x 15′ x 10′

Setup Area: 35′ x 20′ x 19′

Outlets: 1 Outlet Required

Bungee Run Features:

  • Separate Running Lane for safety
  • Vibrant colors 
  • Inflated Running Lane
  • Velcro baton 


The Dual Lane Bungee Run offers two lanes of side splitting fun, as you race down the inflated runway to place your velcro baton on the center wall before suddenly getting stopped and brought back to the beginning by the bungee cord that is strapped to your back. The ultimate in competitive sporting, the bungee run makes the strongest look meek as this game is determined by form not strength. Reserve our bungee run rental today for your next event, and take the fun to a whole new level.

Bungee Run

It’s Time 2 Bounce knows that sometimes all you need at your event is the traditional bounce house. That’s why we have a wide selection of bounce house rentals to choose from. There’s nothing better than surprising your kids on their birthday with unlimited bouncing! If you are unsure of the party theme at your event, the rainbow castle bounce house is great for both boys and girls! This castle is the staple of any party offering hours of jumping, skipping, and bouncing fun and entertainment. Up to eight kids or a combined 500lbs can jump around at one time. This is perfect to ensure that your guests are entertained!