Hard Case Cash Cube Rentals

Holding corporate events offers more than just a chance for employees to get together. Corporate events boost company morale, promote creativity, create a more focused, team feeling, relieves stress, and create or reinforce your corporate culture. Cash Cubes are a great way to reward employees for their hard work throughout the year, while still giving them the opportunity to earn their prize!

Cash Cubes and Money Machines

The Cash Cubes come in many names, such as; Money Machine, Cash Machines, and Money Blowing Machines! Whatever you call them, we have the BEST Cash Blowing Machines in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia and More! The Wind Storm of Dollars that blow around in the machine is a sight for all to see. Our Cash Cube includes proprietary technology that keeps the money circulating and prevents "piling up". This is a common problem in cheaper models made by our competitors. Hard case Money Machines are the ultimate in convenience, durability, and ease of use. We can easily move the machine to a spot of your liking and have it ready to blow in a matter of minutes! All of our packages include full service for one great price!

Georgia Cash Cube Rentals


At It's Time 2 Bounce, we specialize in adding custom branding to your Cash Cube Rental. Not only does it include the machine itself, but we can also design custom dollar bills for you to use in the machine! (Design Fees Vary). Being able to customize your machine, for instance, is an added perk that our competitors don't offer. We have the next level of promotion for your event! You will leave an impression on your guests and retain their business.

Money Machine Promotions

Any type of grand opening would benefit from the Money Blowing Machine – it’s always a crowd-pleaser. Trade shows, radio station events or fundraisers often utilize the Money Blowing Machine to aid in the success of their event. Another application would be for a casino or even a company promoting a casino night. As a result, Nightclubs or bars could increase their numbers by setting up the Money Blowing Machine near the entrance of their business.

Custom Branded Money for Alabama Cash Cube Rentals

Flea markets, sporting events, malls, private and corporate parties, grocery stores, furniture stores, and so many more business can utilize the Money Blowing Machine to increase exposure and sales. Even non-profits such as schools and churches, perhaps hosting a carnival, would enjoy the benefits of the Money Blowing Machine for their events. It even makes a great incentive for your sales team! The everlasting rewards from using a Cash Cube outweigh the immediate cost!

Promotional Products

Money Machines are the most exciting promotional product around. Having a Money Machine gives potential customers a chance to win money or vouchers for products and services you already offer! Guests will line up at the site of swirling dollar bills for their chance to win big! Doesn’t that sound a lot more entertaining than a regular newspaper ad or flyer? In other words, you should use a Money Machine because it is a fun and different way to create buzz and excitement around your business!

Why A Money Machine?

Would people agree to step inside the money machine and take a chance in front of others?

People reply because they have seen how difficult it is to gain prizes from a money machine. But as people, we believe we can do better than the previous participant did. They have been challenged to do what someone else cannot do. Why do people stop to look at a small accident? Potential Clients stop and stare because they are curious to see what is going on in the world around them. It only takes a few curious onlookers to stop and look at an anomaly before more people are drawn to what the first curious few originally stopped to ponder.

Custom Kentucky Cash Cube Rental

It's Time 2 Bounce's Money Blowing Booth is a curiosity within the marketing community! Due to the value, it brings to the participants, such as money, raffle tickets, or prizes; but it also challenges them, unlike any other promotional item. For instance, a prize wheel is simply a game of chance because no one knows where the arrow will stop; meanwhile, the cash cube, on the other hand, involves chance while giving the participant the ability to gain something by using their own abilities. When you put the chance of winning in the hands of the guests, excitement grows.

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